I have spent many years working in restaurants, distribution, retail, brand development, national sales, global marketing, and a splash of winemaking. I adore the wine industry, and am always looking toward the more creative approaches of making our industry an ever better proposition.

I am adaptable, and driven, and can work across all aspects of business of wine to best fit your goals.

Claritas Marketing takes the approach that brands need always to build, and take advantage of the opportunities the current market can afford.  Even existing producers with a strong history need to take advantage of new media, diverse channels to market, and the immediacy afforded by the internet to sustain its growth.  Smaller brands must be aware of all aspects of the trade, and approach their marketing with all these factors in play.

This is not an aggressive approach, nor one incurring a significant financial burden, but rather one which is aware of the opportunities of the market, and is not afraid to step off the beaten path of marketing and sales.


Wholesale distribution (wine only);

Wholesale consultancy – advice, channel-to-market costings, pricing and distribution options, key targets,
industry inside knowledge;

Marketing – label and design, website development, wine club and incentives, tasting notes; competition and review submissions, event assessment and participation, brand awareness, event coordination;

Social media – development of the optimal platforms with a calendar of postings, replies, engagement and assessment;

Social media consultancy – how to develop and maintain a social media brand identity, staff training, monitoring and updates, use of social media to drive sales and development;

Wine list – construction and staff training;

Event coordination – as required.

Online assessment – analyse your online presence, make recommendations to drive business at an efficient rate and optimise your time online. Businesses are lost and found online all the time – be smart about being found for what you do best.