Be smarter

January 10, 2017

It’s that simple, really. Social media isn’t (just) talking to your friends and looking at kitten videos. If you have a business, social media is simply imperative. It IS marketing.

And if you are not there? Fine. But someone else will be. With a link for bookings or purchases or enquiries or all three. MAKE IT EASY.

For example? If I look for somewhere open for dinner tonight, I want a website with a menu, a booking option and an actual phone number for any specific enquiries. I don’t want to fill out your nonsense form and be added to your mailing list for along a simple question. I just want an answer. Otherwise? The majority of people will bugger off elsewhere. To a venue which understands that an online presence must be easy AND accessible.

Have someone who is available to reply. Always. Just because they are asking you a question via social media diminishes neither the query nor the person making it. If someone walked in the door and asked to make a booking, would you leave them hanging for a day or two? Would you refer them to a different avenue like a bookings app? This latter is much like asking them to leave the restaurant and go ask the tree outside for a booking… Or get off whatever social media you are using. Because if you are not using it properly, why should you expect your potential customers to do so?

It’s simple really. Take basic manners, and business sense, and apply them to your social media profile. Be human. Be accessible. Have the answers.

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Be smarter.

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