Claritas Marketing

It is really simple – wine marketing and sales CANNOT be conducted effectively from a desk and a laptop.

Sales are driven and guided by relationships, time spent in stores seeing what works – and what doesn’t work. Time spent in venues training staff to understand what they are selling and how it integrates into their business

The majority of my time is spent working with the people – the buyers, the somms, the waiters, the store staff. Working out the best fit for their business and providing not just stock, but the training and information to ensure that this works.

I work across a number of areas within the wine industry – and see that the experience across the spectrum only serves to improve my capability and offering. Winemaking would be lost without a marketing assist, and both are at sea without an effective channel to the market.

~ brand assessment ~
~ channel to market pricing to optimise the business ~
~ securing distribution and managing that relationship ~
~ packaging design and brand implementation ~
~ event coordination ~
~ design and provision of marketing materials ~
~ tasting notes ~
~ connections to wine media ~
~ assessment of appropriate show submissions ~
~ national sales and marketing ~
~ local brand representation ~

With a background across all areas of winemaking, production, packaging, brand management, sales and marketing, I offer a unique perspective to wineries looking to assess and develop their presence in the market. I believe in a strong and consistent brand voice and building that across everything from social media, packaging, and the presentation of the wines out in the trade.

I am always happy to discuss this further.
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I am lucky enough to work with some great wineries, producing exceptional wines. In South Australia, all of these wineries are in the Claritas Wines portfolio, and some are distributed around the country . Should you have any enquiries, please do feel free to contact me at any time.

Next Crop Wines – Vale/Fleurieu/Hills

Mr and Mrs Robinson Co Wines – Hills/Vale

Pure Vision – Ad Plains, **ORGANIC

Islander Estate – KI

Matriarch and Rogue – Clare Valley

Dilettante Vino – Clare Valley

Gatt Wines – High Eden and Barossa

Atze’s Corner – Barossa

Chain of Ponds – Hills

Felixir Imports