Below are some details on the restaurant and winery offerings, but we are now also handling social media management for small businesses
in the Adelaide area.

This includes:
– social media set-up and language tools
– optimisation of marketing opportunities
– long term planning and scheduling
– staff training on the social media minefield
– a plan to hand over the reins to the business if required.

Many small businesses treat social media as a free advertising tool – to their existing networks. To be truly effective, there are many ways to extend a business’ reach and yield a positive return.

A plan can be established to best address the business goals – as these are manifestly different, business to business – and drive custom to the door.

As of January, we will regularly be running short tutorial sessions on channel-to-market inside knowledge, the basics of invoicing and pricing to the wine trade, distribution management, tasting notes and wine-writer communications, wine club set-up and more.

To keep up with when and where these will be held – and yes, there will be a small fee involved – kindly email me at:

  1. Basic strategy package Assessment and strategy for development – target markets, sales technique, opportunities.
    • Assessment (onsite) of brand, packaging, capabilities, existing channels.
    • Assessment of wines from a retail, chain and/or on-trade perspective.
    • Distribution analysed. Alternatives provided if necessary.
    • Written assessment of current state of brand, and potential capabilities.
    • Presentation of assessment, along with targeted plan of action.
  2. Current Sales and Market Assessment Immediate market, and sales – in-market representation.
    • Identifying new opportunities and channels, and the techniques needed to maximise the potential of these approaches.
    • Time in trade – as required. Targeting specific customers, and conducting sales.
  3. Reviewer/writer/show Assessment
    • Proposal for reviewer schedule, and contacts provided.
    • Proposal for show schedule befitting the brand, and contacts provided.
    • Media release provided.
  4. Media Package
    • Tasting notes written if required.
    • Reviewer/writer/show assessment as above.
    • Establishment and management of social networking sites, webpage updates.
    • Submissions (show, review, publications) and media releases managed for one year.
    • Subject to availability, attendance at shows can be arranged at the cost of the brand.
  5. Cellar Door
    • Management and systems.
    • Staff training.
    • Event coordination.
  6. Local Marketing Distribution
    • Active time in trade – calling on accounts, sales, tasting and promotional opportunities solicited, wine dinners coordinated, debts recovered where possible.
    • Time in trade is worked around number of wines, and current volume of sales.
    • Events – can be staffed on a first in, best dressed basis. Weekend rates apply for additional hours.
    • The winery will bill and despatch all sales.
    • A retainer and a commission on sales will be charged by Claritas Marketing.
    • Local distribution is an exclusive distribution arrangement. Wines are not to be supplied in a wholesale capacity ex-winery.
    • Time in trade with Claritas Marketing is anticipated at a minimum of two visits per year. Others can be arranged as required, but may incur an additional fee for the day.
    • Major accounts may be targeted on request by Claritas Marketing. Other opportunities may be presented as they arise.
    • Other work outside of this – website, design, assessment, tasting notes etc - will be provided at a reduced hourly rate if required.
  7. National Sales and Marketing Package  (per annum rate)
    • Set up distribution contacts (if required).
    • Set up contacts with key accounts.
    • Working with distributors on planning, promotional co-ordination, trade visits and shows – subject to availability.
    • Key point of contact for domestic agents.
    • Social networking – establishment and management.
    • Reviewers – careful selection of reviewers and submissions best suited to brand.
    • Show/event selection and attendance – subject to availability.
    • Assessment of brand.
    • Targeted marketing plan for brand – focussed on key strengths and optimising sales and brand recognition in a developmental, ongoing manner with minimal financial outlay.
    • Stock control – vintage rollovers, out of stocks etc advised to all agents.
    • Seasonal sales analysis – advances, trends, preferences and how to manage or adapt.
    • Profit and Loss analysis.
    • Minimum 16 hours per week dedicated to brand.
  8. Hourly Rate – As required. Subject to availability.
  1. Wine List
    • Suitable wine list assembled for the venue (up to fifty wines)
    • Supplier contracts and/or discounts arranged.
    • Staff training arranged and conducted.
    • Tasting notes supplied for venue.
    • Point of sale material designed if required.  Printing costs to be borne by either the supplier or the venue.
  2. Wine List
    • Wine list supplied as above – over fifty wines.
    • Any vintage or varietal changes adapted as necessary (reprinting costs to be borne by the supplier or venue as required).
    • Ongoing training supplied at three monthly intervals.
    • Seasonal specials (if required) sourced and training provided.
    • Wine/food matches provided.
  3. Venue assessment and training
    • Venue assessed in terms of viability, and profitability.
    • Profit and Loss statements assessed.
    • Progression path mapped to determine future possibilities for venue.
    • Function infrastructure assessed, support structure provided.
    • Function package templates provided.
    • Staff training provided.
    • Training with suppliers arranged.
    • Food/wine matching with chef and FOH.
    • Advertising/promotions assessed. Options provided.
    • Ongoing support provided over the rolling year.
  4. Function Package
    • Function capacity and capability assessed.
    • Function wine packages arranged with local suppliers.
    • Menu consultation with chef.
    • Cooperative arrangements with related suppliers coordinated (eg: party supplies, cake specialists)
    • Advertising and promotional options provided
  5. Hourly Rate - As required.  Subject to availability.